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Solid Faith for Kids

Tiny Thomists is a life saver for families with young children that love their Catholic faith, but are always on the go. It works with the ebb and flow of constant and activity and allows the family to ground themselves in short, 5-10 minute blocks of Catholic prayer time that can be infused into your everyday life. 

Parents Say

Family leaders

What's Inside

Formation at it's best

A two week lesson plan designed by professional Catholic educators

  • Simplified Summa sentence to memorize
  • Lectio Divina Bible verse to reflect on
  • Story of a Saint for each week to ask for their intercession
  • Saintly situation to read together that challenges your children to live virtuously
  • Read to me story where emerging readers can read the truths of Catholic doctrine to you
  • Gospel in Kid’s Speak – the Sunday Gospel in words your young children can understand!

And there’s more!

  • Coloring pages
  • Family games
  • Activities
  • Arts and Crafts Ideas 
  • plus much, much more!

“We can say of catechesis… that it is called to bring the power of the Gospel into the very heart of culture and cultures.”